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Replica Bell & Ross Automatic 46mm Mens BR01-92 Airborne II Watch Review

In today's post, you'll have the chance to review the Replica Bell & Ross Automatic 46mm Mens BR01-92 Airborne II watches. In our replica watches store, high quality replica watches of varies brands on sale, welcome to your visit! Now let's get started from here!

Bell & Ross had been released. It quickly divides the watch lovers and makes the brand fans (as well as enemies). However, the concept of the skull is a blow, it inspired the usual conservative and instrumental theme of the watch brand, so that more of them. I think the only other time I covered a Bell & Ross skull watch back in 2009 when they produced the BR01 Tourbillon Airport Watch (with a skull). So let's look again at a limited edition watch using the famous 46mm wide square BR01 shell and a skull.

Bell & Ross did not stop there. Next, the entire surface (and side and back) of the steel shell is carved with small symbols (fitting images like roses, heart and hourglass), and those carvings are filled with black enamel. In fact, in the video you want to be part of this article, you can see how the technician painted black and white enamel paint on the Bell & Ross BR01 Burning Skull watch, and how the entire watch case is baked in the oven. . Yes, Bell & Ross managed to successfully tattoo the watch. High quality replica Bell & Ross watches on sale!

Bell & Rose completely embrace not only the skull, but the pirate-themed skull. Here, we do not have a purist's favorite skeleton and crossbones (oh, wait, there are bones crossed! Look, Bell & Ross even managed to include that detail) but we have a skull and a cross. I can say that I have seen at least some of the pirate-themed movies or video games, so it feels legitimate enough. In 2009, the original Bell & Ross BR01 skull was part of the controversy behind the fact that this watch is designed from the typical simplicity and direct utilitarianism of this brand. Apparently means a combination of aviation instrument case and the pirate skull, this is just a very new side, brand personality. We have high quality replica watch model for sell, please following the link below to learn more if you miss it!







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