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Replica Rotonde de Cartier Annual Calendar Pink Gold WHRO0002 Watch Review

SIHH 2015, a good time, when many brands began to slowly show they have been working for SIHH 2015. Cartier began a new watch season, they announced the Rotonde De Cartier Annual Calendar, a good balance and innovative decision Cartier) expressed the complications, only need to set up once a year. This complex design can be located in the more standard high-end Cartier watch production and senior watch between the departments. Although there is an internal movement and a noble metal shell, it must be inclined to the latter.

Rotron De Cartier Annual Calendar is 18k white gold or pink gold in color, measuring 40mm wide and 13.26mm thick. Although the dial may contain a lot of information, this case is minimal, polished finish and short ears. Crown, with a genuine Cartier fashion, decorated with a blue round sapphire, blue steel hour and minute hands with the perfect match. While calendar calendaring complications are not new in nature, it is the layout of calendar information, which is the most interesting. Over the years, Cartier has been cleverly asked watch enthusiasts to implement them in a new way to "rethink" some of the classic complications. Here, for example, you see a "persistent" visible ring (something we have not seen before) for each day of the week, and a red indicator jumps to the current day of the week.

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High quality replica Cartier Watches on sale available! Annual Calendar Complexity requires date, date and month display, and the Rotonde De Cartier Annual Calendar manages these calendars through Cartier's 9908 MC. The self-winding, 32-gem, power reserve of 48 hours, this 4Hz movement provides a two-digit large date display at 12, one month display six and a day on the outer circumference of the dial display. There is a small hammer-shaped hand (only the flat head can be seen in red), indicating the day. The movement seems to be very well done and can be seen through the back of the sapphire display case. It is a sport that its complications are designed for everyday use, while a one-off exotic complex watch.

Set the Rotonde De Cartier calendar only completed by the crown, Cartier system designed to be as simple as possible. Thus, much like the standard date function, the crown on the Rotonde De Cartier calendar provides wrap, time settings, and date settings - all without relying on the corrector. High quality replica luxury Watches with low price!

Dial design will feel comfortable in the Cartier display cabinet, with large Roman numerals and central sun pattern guilloche finishing. I like the symmetry of the watch has been saved, placing the big date at 12 and the month displayed at six o'clock. Some additional visual interest is added by having a day display by cutting into the aperture of the upper dial layer. This also allows the addition of the end of the pointer to be hidden below the main dial, a clever way to manage some clutter that may be associated with the annual calendar display.







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